Best Web Search Evaluator Jobs in 2021

There are many ways to make it easy to cash on the Internet today, with or without your own home-based business. One such method is becoming a search engine evaluator.

 These positions are also known as search engine evaluators, social media evaluators, online task contributors, or search reviewers; this title may vary depending on the company you work with or the country you live in. 

SEEs evaluate search engine results and social media ads and other content for quality and relevance to maintain accurate and trustworthy results and content across several platforms.

In this article, we have listed some of the Best Web Search Evaluator Jobs in 2021.

What is a Web Search Evaluator?

A search evaluator is an individual who is hired to assess the search results that appear in a search query. 

In other words, a search evaluator assesses the value of a website that appears in a search list based on a search query.

 The list of search results from a search query may be from a local search engine or from a global search engine. 

The selection process of a search evaluator is based on a set of criteria which is typically created by a firm or a company.LeftCenterRightSize80

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Best Web Search Evaluator Jobs in 2021: That Pay Well

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a competitive field and as such, online marketers must be vigilant in their work. 

One way for marketers to stay on top of trends and make sure that their sites are optimized for visitors is to use a web search evaluator.

A web search evaluator is an independent contractor for search engine evaluation companies.

 They are paid to use their own skills, time, and effort to identify search trends, set preferences, and help improve search results for different search engines.

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What does it take to Become a Search Engine Evaluator?

The requirements for each company or agency may vary, but when you’re looking for search engine evaluators to work from home, you’ll find the following as the common requirements:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • On a computer, laptop, or mobile devices
  • Have a solid and high-speed internet connection
  • Savvy about the web experience and social media.
  • You must have excellent research skills.
  • College degree preferable, but not needed

You will be doing a bunch of research & analysis so it pays to have a good hold on general knowledge.

Pros & Cons Of Search Engine Evaluators:

Search engine evaluators might sound like an easy job, but it is not for everyone. Consider all of the following pros and cons to help determine if you are a good fit for this position.


  • Flexibility: 

Employers don’t force you to work a certain number of hours or days per week, but they do require you to make sure you put in the hours needed when necessary. 

You also have the option of working from virtually anywhere, in which case you can take out your smartphone.

  • No Special Skills or Degree is Required: 

The ideal candidate must be internet savvy and able to produce results within the first month of employment. 

College graduates are preferred, but even those with little work experience can apply. You do not need any certifications or other documentation to apply for this position.

  • Less Direct Communication: 

There is less need to interact with people, and this could be ideal for those who find that it makes them uncomfortable or they just aren’t good at interacting with others and would prefer working independently.


  • You need to dedicate at least 18-20 hours per week to the job, and that’s not including extra time spent studying or preparing for roles. If you feel like you can’t devote this time to the job, then it probably isn’t right for you.
  • You may not always be working. You might find yourself having to go ghost for a bit so, on the bright side, this means not getting any pay at all which could lead you to miss out on some payments!

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How to Become an Online Web Search Evaluator?

While there are no strict education requirements to become a web searcher, you’ll have to complete an application and take a short exam if you’re hired by a company.

 Each site has its own guidelines for creating optimized content, so be sure to read the specific instructions carefully before you file your report.

Work may not always be consistent and it’s important to be flexible and ready for some lean days while working as a search engine evaluator. 

For example, you could get sick one week, fall ill, or get stuck in terrible traffic, which all makes the coming day unproductive. If your company is happy with your performance, though, they may renew your contract for another work period.

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How much you can make as Web Search Evaluators?

It’s fair to say that most people who work like web search evaluators can earn quite a decent paycheck. 

Some of these companies even offer the possibility to earn vacations and additional perks that others, less encouraging employers, do not allow their employees.

 That is important to remember when you start looking for this type of employment because it is one of the biggest differences between searching for jobs compared to just browsing job offers on the internet.

The average Web search evaluator makes between $15-$25 an hour (there are literally hundreds of companies out there hiring these professional searchers with literally every budget imaginable).

Most companies require their employees to work a minimum number of hours per week however there are other employers who will calculate your pay based on the estimated amount of time that they assume it will take you to finish the job.

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Where to Get Web Search Evaluator Jobs in 2021?

Choosing the right company is essential to your success as a web search evaluator in 2021. 

Many companies have different policies, and most of them will not allow you to freelance with another competing company even if you’re only doing part-time work.

 Check out this list for the best companies when seeking these kinds of jobs:

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Lionbridge is an Irish company that employs web assessors, internet analysts, and social media evaluators and rates, to make sure that each advertisement placed online is of exceptional quality. 

They use these terms instead of web search evaluators because they’re seeking people with strong analytical skills who can accurately measure the success of campaigns across multiple platforms.

Lionbridge employees are paid per project, depending on their country of employment. 

Asian workers tend to be compensated per hour instead of monthly payments, but this is affected by the time that they work each week: they rarely work more than 18-20 hours, and payment is released at the end of each month.

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Appen is known for the diversity of its offerings. 

The company covers a wide array of services, including search engine evaluation, online surveys, facial coding, and more. 

It’s not only the variety of what Appen offers but also the global appeal that draws in clients – Australia itself boasts an enormous 285 million population! 

A company where there are so many working parts definitely needs some form of organization to keep things on track, which Appen prides itself on being able to provide.

Signing up for Appen is extremely easy.

All it takes is a couple of clicks on your email address to have you up and running. If you can type, then you’re good to go!

 Once you’re ready to work, the company will pay you out as a signing bonus. 

There are many job opportunities available right now for internet search evaluators that are located all around the world, which means you could make money working from home! 

This is why it’s so important to take advantage of this opportunity – don’t miss this fantastic chance.

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iSoftstone is a crowdsourcing company that hires people to perform various tasks online, including but not limited to search engine evaluation. They work with Bing and not Google.

At iSoftstone, we hire talented people from all over the world to perform a wide range of tasks for companies.

As an evaluator with iSoftstone, you are expected to assess the quality of search results based on the supplied criteria. 

To succeed at this job, applicants need to work a minimum of 18 -20 hours a week and no more than 25 hours a week. The average pay is $15/hour.

Working with iSoftstone means that you will be able to gain practical training on the job. 

They have a program in place specifically designed for apprenticeships where you can work around your regular class schedule and still earn a salary for however many hours you put in.

Are you fit to Become a Web Search Evaluator?

Web search evaluation seems like an excellent entry-point for people who are internet-savvy and have broad general knowledge.

It’s a job that is perfect for work-at-home moms, college students, and others who want to make money online in their spare time. You don’t need special skills to get hired, although you have to be good with details and research.

Final Words:

If you need extra income ideas to make money without leaving home, working as an internet analyst or search engine evaluator is an excellent option, too.

It is perfect for work-at-home moms, college students, and others who seek to make money online in their spare time.

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