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9 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Do you ever feel like you’re spending all your waking hours looking at a screen? 

The average person spends almost half of their waking hours looking at a screen. It’s not surprising that more and more people are searching for ways to cut the cord and spend their free time intentionally. 

If you’re someone looking for fun things to do this weekend that will help you unplug and unwind, this list of unique activities can be an excellent resource, so you won’t have a boring long weekend.

Fun Things To Do This Weekend With Your Family

Whether it’s just you or with your friends and family, this list of activities will have something for everyone!

It’s never too early to start developing good digital habits. The best way to help kids develop healthy relationships with technology is by allowing them time to connect with others in the real world. 

And the best way to kickstart their screen-free summer is by making it all about spending quality time together outside – with no device in sight!

 It’s never too early to start establishing good digital habits, and fostering this mindset begins in childhood. 

Ultimately, when guidelines are introduced at an earlier age, children who learn how to balance technology use will most likely grow up practicing what they’ve learned, which will most definitely pay off for years to come! 

In this article, we have listed 9 Fun Things To Do This Weekend With Your Family & Friends.

1. Write And Perform A Play

If you have a large group of people of all ages, make a spoof on a well-known movie. Grab some props and accessories and get into character.

Have the rest of the gang come up with some ideas that include plot, setting, props or characters then pick a few to use. The zanier combinations work best.

Get the kids drawing!

Grasp some props and costumes and get into character with some idea-sharing. Have everyone drop their ideas for plot, setting, props, or characters into a hat, mix them up and start creating — the zanier the combinations, the better.

And if you’re feeling brave enough to put any of this on paper (or at least an image file) then by all means print it out! 

2. Tell Interesting Stories

Kids love stories, they do. The kind you can unfold over time so that the characters grow with every chapter and the plot bobs up and down like a ship on the sea. 

But most of all, kids love storytelling – so much so they would happily sit in front of the campfire for an hour listening to one person describe the grand history of the cosmos before creating their galaxy complete with alien races. 

As parents, there are easy ways to get into this crafting side of creativity with your children without necessarily teaching them how to tie their shoes or how to write their names properly.

Setting some time aside every week after school will rapidly become one of your favorite activities too.

And when they go on to influence other generations it may well be because story-telling is in your blood after all!

Take it from us, crafting short stories is good fun for kids and enlightening for both parties involved.

Kids are always excited about new forms of entertainment which are why they are so fascinated by ghost stories. One of the most fun things to do on a chilly night is to tell ghost stories around the campfire with marshmallows.

A great way to cap off an evening of storytelling would be taking turns around the bonfire with spooky ghost stories and giving out prizes for best-quality storytelling.

3. Play Awesome Board Games.

Some of the happiest moments of my life have been spent playing board games on rainy afternoons with my family. That’s why I’m encouraging you all to take some time for playing together!

With so many fun topics covered by the most popular board games or available at specialty game stores, you can spend an evening learning about everything from world cultures to your kids about their grandparents’ native countries.

Board games are fun. They’re like video games but you use your imagination instead of an expensive screen to experience intense, epic adventures through time and space (or maybe just the countryside).

4. Prepare A Meal Together

Children love to be in the kitchen. 

Learning how to cook is a great way for them to burn off some energy, work well with their parents and create special family memories!

The more involved they are in the cooking process, the more they’ll get out of it.

Deciding what to have for dinner can be a source of great stress among families. However, getting the children involved in deciding what’s for dinner will create new opportunities for education within the family unit. 

Getting the kids involved in preparing a meal is one way to ensure that there’s always something healthy on the menu while still satisfying everyone’s cravings for savory treats! 

Lending a helping hand with chores and nutrition lessons will not only allow for fun family bonding time but also create a wonderful sense of traditions.

5. Visit A Park

Are you feeling stifled by your kids? 

If you’re looking for a fun activity that promotes some solo time with your significant other or spouse on request, why not head out to one of your state parks or national parks on the weekend instead?

These natural areas are great places to spend some quality time together while taking in some breathtaking wildlife scenery at the same time. Your favorite hiking spots are too dangerous for little kids. Head to one of these National Parks instead.

6. Go Camping

The best way to include your teens in this adventure is by letting them help with the planning. Let them choose the location, make up a packing list with you, and choose the menu options they’d like to eat on this trip.

Even if your teens aren’t particularly fond of nature-watching activities, chances are they’ll enjoy the time you spend together as it makes for some priceless moments that they’ll not easily forget or replace.

7. Get Lost In A Classic Book

We all know it is important to find time for ourselves whether we want to relax and enjoy a day off, or if we want to do activities we haven’t done in quite some time like taking the time to read that classic book you’ve had on your shelf for such a long time. 

And while that is all great advice – it’s easier said than done when there are kids at home, business calls demanding our attention, and when people expect us to “be reachable” at any given instant with modern technology in mind. 

That’s why we wanted to give you this reminder:

It’s so easy in our sometimes frantic lives to completely forget about ourselves and what we need to keep going with little breaks in between… So don’t forget your favorite reading material next time you’re running errands or packing up with others – pull that conveniently forgotten book down from the shelf and bring it with you!

8. Play Sports With Strangers

If you’re looking to make some new friends or meet new people, it can be hard to know where to start.

Luckily, there are plenty of pickup games in your area that are easy to sign up for! 

Most organized leagues have their websites where you can check out all the details about when and where they play. Notable players are often asked/invited to join the professional league so being confident in your skills will go a long way.

 After you’ve found an appropriate game, just show up early, introduce yourself to the group, and fit right in.

9. Go for a bike ride

While hiking is fun, biking is another great outdoor activity. One of the best parts about biking is that it can be done alone or in groups. And unlike many other sports, it’s possible to bring along your family too.

Biking is also comparatively inexpensive (especially when you already own a bike!) and requires little-to-no equipment. To make things even easier, you can often find open roads where you can bike without bothering about cars or pedestrians.

Biking has many benefits. It’s healthy for both your body and mind and will help you connect with nature.

You’ll also be saving money by getting your exercise outdoors! If you’re new to biking, it may take some getting used to.

However, after a little time, you’ll be biking like a pro!

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