How to Become a Proofreader in 2021

How to Become a Proofreader in 2021?

Are you one of those who intend to become a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and punctuation?

And Searching for How to Become a Proofreader in 2021?

Does even the smallest grammatical error give you a sudden OCD attack?

Well, then proofreading is undoubtedly the ideal job for you. 

Whether as a freelancer or professional proofreader, it is always a good job option. Many editorial companies and publishing houses hire candidates having a keen eye to deliver a grammatically correct writing piece.

Thus, proofreading is much in demand in the market, making many people derive interest in this side hustle. 

What is Proofreading?

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Proofreading refers to the action of reading a written piece of work and correcting the errors present in it. And the person who performs this act is known to be a proofreader.

Thus, proofreading is considered the last step of an editorial process. It ensures that the final piece is entirely free of errors before it reaches the readers’ hands.

So, here is what a proofreader’s job include:

  • Finding and fixing “typos” or typographical errors 
  • Correcting missing punctuations and spelling errors
  • Identifying awkward pages and unnecessary word breaks that interrupt the flow of the text
  • Finding inconsistency in the style of writing or the layout
  • Analyzing any other writing-related issues 

How to Become a Proofreader in 2021? 

So, are you passionate about paying attention to details while writing and reading?

Then, knowing how to become a proofreader will be the best option for your career. So, check out this guide to know more about it.

1. It’s better to understand first the scope of a freelance proofreader.

To be very honest, no job can tempt you if it doesn’t come with opportunities or ample scope to grow. Therefore, to develop your interest in proofreading, you need to know about this job in detail. 

  • Why are proofreaders so much in demand? 

As the digital world is evolving, the internet is getting eventually flooded with new websites, blogs, editorials, news, software reports, podcasts, and other forms of write-ups. Besides, the print media is also growing impeccably.

So, whether it’s a publishing house, blogger, podcaster, IT professional, or entrepreneur, all need a person who can double-check the mistakes or errors present in their corresponding content and deliver a grammatically sound write-up.

  • What is the pay scale for a freelance proofreader? 

The pay scale for a proofreader is quite interesting that can eventually give you a better future prospect. 

A freelance proofreader can earn up to $25/ hour while working from home.

In reality, it can give a proofreader earnings of $51,000 annually. With more experience, a proofreader can earn more than $30-35 an hour. 

2. Consider your skills to become a proofreader.

Well, the pay scale sounds promising, right?

But do you have the necessary skills for proofreading?

Are you not aware of it yet? Here are the skills you need to have if you want to become a freelance proofreader. 

  • Excellent vocabulary
  • Good spelling and grammar skills 
  • Text formatting and punctuation skills 
  • Basic computer skills
  • Reading and comprehension skills 
  • Strong and attentive attention to details
  • Impeccable patience and concentration 
  • Flexible and committed enough to meet the demand

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3. You need to decide which proofreading niche suits your choice.

Since the market is flooded with many options, the proofreading job is not only limited to the sphere of editing houses and publishing corners. The modern world comes with a variety of writing-based materials, which require a proofreader. 

To mark your success in the industry, you need to know the niche you are interested in. Here are a variety of niches you can look at before applying for proofreading.

  • Print media proofreading
  • Academic proofreading
  • Proofreading marketing content
  • Transcript proofreading
  • Proofreading of translations
  • Legal transcript proofreading

Based on your skills, you have to pick a genre that rightly caters to your strength. For example, proofreading a social novel needs you to pay more attention to the social setting of the period the story is based on. 

On the other hand, a technology-based academic dissertation requires you to pay more attention to technical terms and fact-checking. 

4. Polish your skills to acquire perfection in your job.

Well, passion is not the end word! You have to be very good with your skills. Thus, brushing it up every day is the best way to come out as an expert. 

It’s not necessary to have a degree in the language but make sure you are adept in it. So, to polish your skills, you have to carry out the following activities regularly. 

  • Read more and more! 

Proofreading involves a lot of thorough reading and re-reading of a writing piece as you have to be detailed and accurate. Reading books, novels, newspapers, or any other content can make you more attentive and habituated to it.

  • Pay close attention to every detail

Noticing the minutest detail is what you are going to do while proofreading. Hence, you need to enhance your ability to observe small and sometimes even inconsistent things.

  • Practice self-control

It is a very crucial area to retain your control while proofreading. While doing the task, you must not tamper with the voice of the writer. Sometimes you can find some of the punctuations unnecessary, but you must hold yourself back if the writer insists on keeping them.

  • Time management is a big challenge! 

Whether you want to work under a company or as a freelancer, you will always have to finish your task within the stipulated deadline. Though it takes time to read thoroughly, you have to practice more and become flexible with time. 

  • Know the style guides properly

Style guides work as manuals for proofreading that come with standard guidelines for formatting and design purposes of different documents. You must learn the APA Style, AP Style, and Chicago Style and implement them according to your niche and the types of texts you are working with.

5. Get a proofreading certificate.

Proofreading does not include a bulk of degrees or honors on a particular subject. You can easily switch to this side hustle by getting a proofreading certificate. To become a professional freelance proofreader, accreditation is necessary to secure your clients and company contracts.

You can invest in an inexpensive proofreading course that will teach you everything about proofreading while giving you the necessary certificate for your career.

6. Find a freelance proofreading job that suits your requirements.

Have you got your certificate in proofreading? Well, now you are ready to find a job and get started.

While you start your own business as a freelance proofreader, you need to find genuine clients. Platforms like Facebook, Linked In, etc., will help you find willing clients who are up for a business. 

Nevertheless, to start a business, you must have a good understanding of business ethics. Also, you have to know how to market yourself to get more clients.

You must use the necessary tools like Grammarly, Hemingway App, and ProWritingAid to deliver the best results. 

In case you want to make this side hustle your primary full-time job, you can start your proofreading journey as an intern or editorial assistant of some editorial agencies.

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Final Words

So, whether you are thinking of a reliable side hustle option with a handsome income or a dedicated full-time job, proofreading will always be the one to come up with better opportunities.

In this post, we have listed some easy steps for How to Become a Proofreader in 2021?

It not only helps you to cherish your passion but also caters to the growth of your skills. So, kick-start a new career with proofreading and make your passion your dream job!

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